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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is an association of professionals committed to performing at the highest level of ethical conduct. Members of the Association pledge themselves to act with integrity and to perform their work in a professional manner.

Members have a professional responsibility to their clients, to the public interest and each other; a responsibility that requires subordinating self-interest to the interests of those served.


“I would highly recommend Eva Jo Sparks & Lynne Warshaw to complete an audit on your existing mortgage. Eva Jo and Lynne handled my file as if it were their own financial situation and took pride in getting the job completed & correct the first time. They are competent and very aggressive getting your answers that you need to pursue a legal case against your current mortgage provider. I have hired two attorneys prior to finding Eva Jo Sparks & Lynne Warshaw. The attorneys never did anything they promised they would do for my family. I luckily met Eva Jo & Lynne and they did everything they promised along with completing the job. Finding someone who does what they say, believe it or not, is not an easy task.”

- Mike Lewis, President
Florida Mortgage Solution Group, Inc..

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Areas of Expertise


We have worked for clients in Oklahoma, Florida, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Georgia, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi

Evo Jo Sparks, CFE, CFS, CLA

Ms. Sparks has several years of governmental experience of employment with Clifton Scott, Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector, as well as, two [2] years as In-Charge Governmental Auditor. She has also worked for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation as a Contract Legal Assistant on the enforcement of the National Highway Beautification Act. In the Private Sector, Ms. Sparks is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Fraud Specialist and is qualified as an expert witness in federal and state court jurisdictions.


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